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Mulberry Love

Bring out the Berry!

For thousands of years, Mulberries have played an integral role in traditional Chinese medicine, as a rejuvenator and to treat many health conditions.

Everybody Loves Mulberry

Since about the moment that the existence of the deciduous tree was first noted—more than five thousand years ago—the mulberry tree has been regarded as special. Pliny the Elder called it “the wisest of trees,” as only the mulberry never shoots leaves until the last frost has passed, and writers from ancient China to ancient Rome praised it for its many health-boosting properties.


Call it the eternal dance of yin/yang or a harmonious meeting of cultures. The mulberry is now a symbol of the fruitful overlap of Eastern and Western approaches to good health.

A Healthier Choice

The American approach to good health is changing, and functional foods and drinks, including mulberries and coconut water, are playing a big part

For much of the 20th century, the view of American health practitioners towards traditional medicine was tempered with skepticism.And for thousands of years, the Chinese have viewed mulberries as health-enhancing functional foods, using them in teas and tonics and including the berries themselves in “food therapy.”

Multiple Benefits

“Anthocyanins in purple foods [such as mulberries] do double duty,” notes Dr. Oz in his Antioxidant Diet. “They go in and prevent damage and help heal the damage that is already done. The deeper the hue the better.”

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